Introducing our Back – end Switch Board Control Module and mightyHOME Care App for Android & iOS

As we introduced you to our brand yesterday with our blog post –  Know Yoga, Know mightyHOME!Let us take you even closer to the things that are going to change you homes – the mightyHOME Products.

The mighyHOME is an amalgamation of a Control Module and mightyHOME Care App for Android/iOS. 


The control module does all the hard work behind the switch board to upgrade the task of your switches with no change in the function of the physical switches. We have quite frankly not change the world you live but upgrade the lifestyle to provide more convenience and comfort with more thought to energy saving features.

The basic switch board control module consists of 4 Switching Loads and a Fan Switching & Regulator Module. Each load switch can carry up to 1250 Watts and there is one dedicated load switch for a Fan and its regulator.


The breakthrough feature in our product promises of feedback of Fan speed in App even when the physical regulator is operated. (See Why Choose mightyHOME? for more features.)

The best part for all prospective customers is that this product needs no rewiring and even fits in rented homes with ease and your friends/family will just be awestruck to see the quickest “app – to – appliance” response of the system when you try to be your own little DJ using the mightyHOME Care App.


mightyHOME Care App for Android/iOS brings simplicity and elegance to your phones, it is very optimised to reduce or in fact forfeit any “App – Booting up” lags or delays. Anyone or Everyone of any age can use it to control their homes with the softest of touches.

We have a lot of beautiful things for you, in store and we shall keep you updated with the best things in Smart Home Technology because we at mightyHOME feel that “Customer oriented business is the best Business.”

To Know more or gain information about the products or the brand mightyHOME, contact us via our Contact page.